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Which should i choose

Just wanted to know if Engineering and Applied Sciences foundation year is worth it or should i accept a first year offer for Quantity surveying. I've always had QS in my mind but also thought i could go through Engineering and maybe try out Civil Engineering.
Hey there ! First of all congratulations on your offer to study Quantity surveying , no matter which one you decide to go with they are both good STEM choices.

If Quantity Surveying has always been your passion and you want to pursue that specifically then , it's advisable to accept the first-year offer for Quantity Surveying. Pursuing what interests you directly aligns with your career goals and ensures you focus your efforts on developing expertise in your chosen field. Be aware that studying civil engineering could lead you down a path where you could be a quantity surveyor in the future , you can even do a masters in Quantity surveying with a civil engineering undergraduate degree but I don't think it is easy to make the transition the other way around from studying quantity surveying then trying to work as a civil engineer. Ultimately it will come down to what you want to do but I would say weigh your pro's and con's and consider every possible career path you can change in the future.
I hope this helps .
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Hi there,

Congratulations on receiving an offer. It's always tricky then deciding which path to go down.

If you are set on Quantity surveying then this offer sounds great for you. However i will say that if you were to go down the route to civil engineering you will be able to get experience in QS and the role itself as part of the course. It is then possible to specialise in QS as a masters or just following as a graduate job. This way you could still go down your original route but find out other possibilities which you can pursue in engineering.

Good luck with your decision,

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