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Can I get into Oxford uni with my GCSE grades?

I would absolutely love to get into Oxford ( or Cambridge ) university. I’m in year 11 at the moment and I’m not sure how much my GCSE grades will affect my chances of getting in.
These are the grades I believe I could achieve: ( from confidence and mock results )
Maths- 9
Chemistry , biology and physics- 9
Geography- 9
Design and technology- 9
Spanish- 9
Art- 8/9 ( I’m not sure yet)
The thing that’s worrying me the most however is English. I despise English and although I’m not bad at it I’m not amazing at it either . I will probably get a minimum grade 7 in both English language and literature but will that affect my chances when all my other grades are as good as I can get them?
I hope I can manage to get at least an 8 or maybe even scrape a 9 somehow but would having 7s be so bad?
Also I know that my a levels will affect my chances more but just based off my GCSEs for now am I on track?
Any tips to get my grade up in GCSE English language / literature?
Wow, those are some really good grades! You could definitely get into oxford with those grades, but it also depends on the strength of your application quite a bit. Hope your exams go well!

I am also predicted similar grades from my year 10 mocks (but grade 6 for English). What was your predicted grade for English? What did you try do to improve it?

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