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Im not ready.

Now i know this sounds bad but i made my account today. I am 13, Im not ready for this. Now im a teen and the "He's To Young" Is gone and such. I feel as if it will be alot harder than it was at the other age and just **** going on in my life amke's this very hard. Im sorry if this sounds like a rant but i just needed to get this out.
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Hey, don't stress. You can be 'too young' still at 40 and believe you know 'everything' That's the best bit about getting 'older' - you can have an 'old head' on young shoulders and still be a big 'kid' at 65 - Your mind is your own prison and will be the biggest obstacle in your path to you achieving your maximum potential. Getting older isn't a stage or a number it is a gradual thing as every day goes by. Knowing more. Just don't be too hard on yourself. Everyone is fragile and everyone has regrets (but hopefully not too many of them)

Everyone is different. What matters most is just to be ok with the day you are living in and then to know how you feel (& why) No one knows everything. Some people profess to know everything yet know nothing. Every day you will learn more about people, more about the brutality of life, more about the wonderfully amazing parts of life and the world and where you fit in. You can learn so much about life. Sometimes all at once when you least want to and at other times when life seems like an eternity and every day drags or seems the same. Hold kindness and love for other people as close to your heart as you can. Kindness can break the armour of hate.

Every day you will learn something new. That never stops. The most amazing lightbulb moments can happen when you are in your 80's - or even never. But if you stop at the end of every day and just think - What more do I know about life today than I did yesterday. That is a good place to start. What can I be thankful for at the end of today?

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