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will someone give feedback on my english essay for gcse english lit
I have attempted some question but i wamt to know how to compose a grade 9 essay.All my essays before have been capped at grade 8 or a few maks off a 9
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Please share and I will be happy to give my feedback
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English lit paper one is over I saw your message a bit late but I guess I could still use the feedback for Paper 2
Shakespeare through the contrasting relationships between Juliet and the Nurse, and Juliet and Lady Capulet highlight that for upper class families children were mere commodities to elevate status .
The Nurse is portrayed by Shakespeare as a maternal figure to Juliet as they have a intimate and affectionate relationship which is implied by her various loving nicknames for Juliet:'lamb' 'ladybug'''Jule'.This conveys how she thinks of her as her own daughter.This clearly contrasts with the communications of Lady Capulet and Juliet as she calls her as'madam' implying that their relationship is cold and distant because Juliet addresses her mother with no warmth and a orderly tone as if she was her slave or servant.Shakespeare is again revealing how girls were expected to serve their families and be obedient of orders of the patriarchal figures in their lives such as father, brother or husband.
Juliet and the Nurse both fill each others voids:Juliet's lack of a maternal figure and the Nurse's loss of a daughter'dear susan'.
This is what allowed the Nurse to be Juliet's wet Nurse and like many Elizabethan upper class women Lady Capulet did not breastfeed Juliet further emphasising her lack of a maternal qualities as she doesn't even possess the physical connection that the Nurse and Juliet hold.
Their fond relationship is further accentuated through how the Nurse us Juliet's confidante and how she shares with the Nurse about Romeo showing how she trusts her more than her own mother as Lady Capulet would never accept it .
However we are made to question the Nurse's understanding and consideration of Juliet and her feelings as later on in the text the Nurse betrays Juliets trust when she urges her to leave Romeo and marry Paris after Lord Capulet's rage. At this moment Shakespeare presents Juliet as being heartbroken as she realised the only person she trusted was no better than her mother, her father and the patriarchal society attempting to oppress her. However from the Nurse's perspective she probably submissed to the patriarchak orders as she felt she and Juliet had no other choice abd this would lead her to a better life.This displays how the women of working classes especially in Elizabethan society were submissive and forced to conform as they had no voice and were at even greater disadvantage than characters like Juliet due to their social class as there was no one to support them Shakespeare criticises the patriarchal society which silences women's opinions and socialises them into bring passive to male authority and he shows the consequences through the tragic ending of the two-star crossed lovers' and how the Nurse lost her dear Juliet.
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Please share and I will be happy to give my feedback

I feel like emglish lit paper 1 didn't go as well as I wanted the questions were nice but I panicked any tips for paper 2

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