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alevel psych in 4 days + im screwed.....

so basically im aiming for an A* in psych and I know all the content n stuff, I know researches for ao1 and ao3 BUT i cannot for the life of me remember the dates of the researches, like none at all not even the important ones like yuille and cutshall (anxiety +ve effect on ewt).i was wondering if actually need to learn all of the dates or if I'm fine with just knowing the names and what actually happened in the studies to get the A* grade.
also any tips on how to actually finish the axam in the 2 hours wld be helpful cos I'm always rushing for time and never rly finish the psych papers properly
-Thanks in advance!
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You dont need to know the dates. I think you needed to know dates in the old spec but you dont have to anymore. Knowing what the studies were about is the important bit.
For the timing problem i'd say practising papers in timed conditions is the only way to improve. My teachers always said to take 30 mins for each section and once the 30min is up just move on. good luck with the exam :smile:
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