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OCR A-LEVEL LAW - which topics could come up as essay questions?

My teacher used to tell me that certain topics would only come up as scenario questions in the exams. Some could only be essay questions or both etc. Is there any way of finding a list that states this? If somebody knows where to find that info that would be very helpful. Thank you!
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There are two different sections in each paper, Section A and B. Section A are your 'essay questions' (under the current H418 spec, one 8 mark and one 12 mark question), Section B are your 'scenario questions' (two 20 mark essays) plus a 20 mark evaluation question. The only difference is that in paper 3, Section A is one 20 mark essay rather than an 8 and a 12 marker.

If you have a look at the spec it'll be able to tell you everything! But in summary:
P1 A: Legal System - legal personnel, civil courts, criminal courts, access to justice
P1 B: non-fatals, fatals, property offences, preliminary offences, criminal defences
P2 A: parliamentary lawmaking, law reform, judicial precedent, delegated legislation, statutory interpretation, EU law
P2 B: negligence, occupiers liability, private nuisance, rylands, vicarious liability
P3 A: morality, justice, society

Paper 3 Section B's topics depends on whether you do contract or human rights law. Keep in mind particularly for section A you may not have learned 1 topic, some teachers will leave 1 out as you have a choice of questions! So don't panic if you haven't learned one topic :smile:

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