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im very nervous for paper 1, but for attachment what are the key points to know about the roman ophan studies because i have this gut feeling it may come up as a 161
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Romanian orphans - Large number of institutionalised orphans as a result of both the previous Romanian government requiring women to have 5 children that they couldn't afford and the subsequent fall of this government

Rutter - Longitudinal study. Followed 165 Romanian orphans adopted before or after 6 months, as well as 52 British adoptees control. Development assessed at ages 4, 6, 11 and 15.

Findings - Unlike control group, half of Romanian adoptees showed mental ******ation (that's just what it says in the textbook </3) and malnourishment on arrival.
At 4, those adopted before 6 months were doing just as well as control
At 11, those adopted before 6 months had significantly higher IQs than the others

Disinhibited attachment - Attention seeking and social behaviour directed towards all adults indiscriminately - shown by Romanian orphans adopted after 6 months this is my attachment quizlet :smile:
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