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Can’t hurt me

ima currently in a state of hopelessness
I feel as if my teachers are limiting my success
I ask them to provide me with links to websites so I can improve but they won’t tell me
All they say is to practice questions, but I can t find any questions similar to the ones they post

I’m a porn addict, I feel like whenever I’m about to do something great I begin to procrastinate and jerk off

I hate my partners because they keep insisting that I talk to them and talk like I’m in some ******* psychologist office
I despise it

I how I cannot push myself and how my mind limits my body. I am limiting myself
I’m making no progress, physically or mentally and my exams are in a month and every time I try to plan it gets interrupted with unimportant test that I feel the need to revise for

I’m unable to develop the discipline to study other subjects as I’m obsessed with doing good in a subject where I get ads on every test.

I feel like life’s going so fast and i can’t grasp any opportunities.

I try to empathise with my parents but ever y movement and sound they make annoys me
I don’t know why it annoys me and I want to be able to ignore it
At the same time I don’t want to make up with them because I hate living like Im happy all the time

I try to remove distractions from my life but I keep finding new distraction when i cannot

I try to eat more so that I can grow but nothing works and I feel that when I ask people how many calories are in the food the make they give ******** answers

I hate how bad my writing is and how my parents won’t stop badgering me about it, it makes me want to write even more poorly.

I know that building a good physique takes time but I feel that whenever I look in a mirror I look like ****, even though I know that I look 100x better than I did last year

I can’t find the patients to do any task

I’m not good at articulating myself but I try so that I can improve my humour to friends who I’m convinced don’t even give a **** about me while I advised my other friends
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I am also a struggling porn addict, but I am slowly gaining traction in life.
16 here.
My friend. When you will quit porn, then all stress, all pain in life, will go away. Trust me on this. I was recently scammed/blackmailed for a sexually-charged convo I had with someone, and word got out about it. I was extremely fearful that I violated laws, but many on TSR assured me that in the worst case scenario it is highly slim, as that would bring upon mutually-assured-destruction, but in the most realistic scenario I will be okay, as the blackmailer has backed off, and has not done anything since (coming to 2 months since that day).
But word got out that I am a porn addict. Someone in school found out my reddit posts and comments, and knew it was me and that I am a porn addict. Although I have been trying to exercise plausible deniability, let's face it, it does not work. Moreover, the search results are still online, and I am in the process of taking them down, by the help of GDPR regulations.

I was saddened for two months. Powerless. Utterly powerless. Lost all the happiness in life. Many cancelled me.

But I must rise. If people diss me for my porn addiction, I cannot help it. It is there. Yes, I was a goddamn porn addict. So damn what? Why cannot you recognise my achievements or my successes? Just because of two mistakes I did in my life DOES NOT DEFINE ME!

I hope my ongoing experience motivates you. Stay strong bro, we can do this.

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