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Is Higher Application of Maths worth it

I'm starting S5 soon and I've chosen Higher maths. I got a D in my nat 5 maths prelim but i did a lot of studying for my actual exam. Unfortunately I really struggled with the exam and I really don't think I even got a B which is the minimum what our maths department look for to do higher. I have had many people say I should see if I'm able to take higher applications of maths instead if I can't take higher maths but I'm very reluctant to taking it because I've heard many people say it was useless to their University applications and some people have said that universities have rejected them because they did applications instead of maths. So I'm just wondering would I be better taking higher apps of maths, try and see if i can take higher maths without an A or a B, retake nat 5 maths in hopes of getting a higher grade or just take another subject in place of maths. If i do fail maths i would have to retake but this post would be in the case that I get like a C or something. Any advice is appreciated :smile: (sorry if this doesn't make much sense i struggle to write my thoughts and feeling down sorry)
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If maths is in the uni entry requirement for a course, then application of maths is not normally accepted as an alternative. Some STEM will expect higher maths at first sitting (S5)/you will be competing for a place with students that have this. It all depends on what type of course and uni, or college, you are aiming for.

Have you looked at the uni courses you are interested in and their entry requirements to see what subjects they ask for? If you are unsure you can email the university for advice.
Depends on what you want to study at uni. Some courses on need a pass in N5 but others like Computing, Engineering or Physics will obviously require a good grade at Higher. Overall though, Higher Apps will be pretty much useless so it's better retaking it and doing Higher in S6

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