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What is anatomy teaching like in your medical school?

I do GEM and we have 2 hours per week of anatomy in the dissection room looking at prosections and a 1 hour anatomy lecture a week (but not always). We learn the whole of anatomy in 1 year (about 10 months) and then we don't have any more anatomy teaching after year 1. I am just wondering what is the anatomy teaching like at other people's med schools, how much teaching do you get and over how many years do you learn anatomy?
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Final year medical student here. We learned the majority of our anatomy in year 1 and year 2 in both our physiology modules (e.g. Cardiology/Renal/GI etc) as well as separate Regional Anatomy modules (Y1 Limbs and Chest/Abdo, and in Y2 did Head and Neck and Pelvis). We were examined on anatomy thoroughly in these two years (anatomy essay and anatomy true/false questions) and have not had dedicated anatomy exams since them. We also had a prosection anatomy exam in year 2.

After pre-clinical years, we had a few sessions in year 3 about clinical anatomy that was relevant, and since then haven't really focused primarily on anatomy. We only really cover it if there is a clinical relevance.

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