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Why do I look great in the mirror but so bad in photos?

I always look so good in the mirror and if I take photos of myself but I look so horrible in photos other people take of me. My lips disappear and my nose looks so much bigger and wonky. Do I look more how I look in the mirror or photos to other people?
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Don’t know what that is but the same thing happens to me, in the mirror I’m really attractive and I’ve had so many people, even complete strangers come up to me and say I’m hot. But in virtually every single photo I look weird or ugly. I guess there’s just something about photos that can’t capture our true beauty.
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a lot of camera lens distort the photo so it doesn't look how it does irl , especially since in a photo it's trying to convert something 3d (you!) to a 2d image of it. it's kinda like how a photo can't really capture the true colour of whatever you're trying to take a photo of. don't worry as you look more like how you do in the mirror to other people in real life as they're seeing the actual, 3d you rather than how you look in the photo :smile:

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