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Need Help With Odeon Job Application

I’m looking to apply for the job as a Cinema Host in an Odeon Cinema, but I am confused at the section where it says you have to give a “Cover Letter or Presentation outlining your perfect guest experience”. Does this mean I describe how I would help someone in this role have a perfect guest experience or does this mean something else. This is my first time having to do a cover letter so I am partly confused.
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im pretty sure it means you should outline what a perfect guest experience would be for you at the cinema. like how you would want to be greeted the food you would order the seating, tickets etc. I had a job At odeon last summer and although I didn't have to do this in the application they do like to see you have at least some interest in movies or cinema in general. for example at my group interview they asked what celebrity I would choose to play me in a movie. they are likely asking that to see that you have some knowledge about the cinema, that you have gone out to watch a movie before and that watching films is an exciting thing for you.

if anyone who has more recently applied has any other interpretation of this feel free to correct me :smile:

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