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False topic list for Bio exam - what to do ?

Basically we got given this topic list for Biology:

1.1 Carbohydrates
1.2 Lipids
1.3 proteins
1.5 Enzymes
2.5 Plant reproduction (including CP4)
3.1 Classification
3.2 Natural Selection
3.3 Biodiversity (including Diversity Index)
4.2 Cell transport mechanisms (including CP5)

(it was longer but i included relevant bits)

In the exam however 9 marks worth of content where about:

Enzymes practical (6 marks) and Standard Deviation (3 marks)
Is it just me thinking you don't need to revise that since it wasn't under any of the assessed bullet point and the other practicals are clearly emphasised ? Edexcel B spec btw

I felt like I was the only stupid person that didn't revise this part of spec.
This is the only test the teachers will use for Predicted Grades and I find it a bit unfair that they kind of induced us into thinking those things would not be assessed. Is it just me or should I talk to the bio teachers ?
And how should I bring it out as well I am a bit unsure ? Any advice/opinions welcome !
It's worth noting that at least 10% of your bio (a-level?? is this snab?) will be maths (including statistics) and they will definitely test you on exam technique- even if it's in a context you haven't specifically done (they want you to be able to apply concepts and knowledge of valid experiment techniques.

But if you feel that it was unfair and that your misunderstanding/lack of information affected your grade then you should go talk to your teachers and explain so they take this into account when giving you a predicted grade. Hopefully they'll take into account the rest of your exams and your general work ethic to give you a more fair grade though.

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