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History OCR GCSE monarchy and democracy in Britain paper 2 !!

literally an excellent paper, although I barely did revision since I'm not too fond of paper 2 and paper 1 was heavenly. The labour party question and the civil war explanation questions were so good since I love the whole Charles I drama.
The 24 marker on the other hand was quite good since it was medieval and early modern period. the question was how the monarchy was less powerful than the parliament. I gave two agrees and two disagrees.
medieval : agree: Jonn I / disagree: William the Conqueror.
Early modern: agree: James II / disagree: Henry IIIV
I know very well they are related to nobles and churches more than parliament but my teacher said it was alright and I had to just right parliament instead all the time, which I did.
By the way, my school will be bringing the grade boundaries down because so many people had their heads down throughout the entire exam. Adding on to that I personally don't think 1 hour is enough time to write this exam because my hands were about to fall off and couldn't finish question 1 since I started from the back. I worked backwards starting from the 24 marker to the 14 then the 8 then the 4 marker
Let's hope for the best

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