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Maths GCSE AQA Paper 3 - HELP??!!

I typically perform well in exams. My mocks have gone well, and in maths especially I've been getting what would be the equivalent of A/A*s. I sat the paper 1 and have never felt so confused by an entire exam. I was only half way through and honestly felt the cogs turning in my brain. I came out in a panic because I've never truly struggled with maths as I did that day. I was relieved to know that a lot of people felt similarly. However, the immense panic from that exam gripped me on the second paper. I know the questions weren't unanswerable, because I came out sighing an hour later after realising where I was going wrong. I just froze. I couldn't remember what I'd learnt for the last 5 years. It could be the pressure I put on myself to achieve high grades, but it was so humiliating to see that yesterday everybody flew through the paper so easily. Does anybody have any recommendations for paper 3? I need one last chance to pull my grades up. How do I reduce mental fog? What topics might come up? How do I stop myself from forgetting everything last minute?
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Paper 1 wasn't my best performance either, but it is what it is. Not much to recommend other than do loads of past paper 2s and 3s. And maybe do a few questions in the morning before the exam to warm up. Don't stress about it, and most importantly when in the exam hall do NOT focus on how quickly other people are answering questions. In my experience, it can seriously mess up your 'flow' and isn't helpful for your nerves. Good luck anyhow

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