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Can you be a social worker with history of mental illness?


I am looking for advice from current or past social workers, please.

CONTENT WARNING: Mention of previous suicidal thoughts


I was then on these for a few years. I am not on any medication now or under the care of a GP for anything related to it.

I have been accepted onto an MA in Social Care course but my worry is now when I come to apply for jobs upon qualifying that I won't be accepted for a role?

Can anyone advise?

Thanks :smile:
as with any role in health and social care, it;s likely that there will be some element of occupational health screnning as part of recruitment

they will be interested in the following
do you have a current, active , diagnosis or have you been discharged from services
if you are currently on medication do you regularly take that medication

with regard ot mental health stuff, they'll be interested in -
have you ever been admitted?
have you ever been sectioned?
past and current medications
any forensic history ?
Social worker is a protected title. Your course will not qualify you to be a social worker
As long as you're managing any current diagnoses and they won't put yourself/others at risk, you'll be fine. I have a history of mental health difficulties and work in a forensic setting with a lot of vulnerable people and it's never been a problem.

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