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Aqa gcse eng lang paper 2 question 2

Does anyone have/know where i can find a grade 8/9 example response for English language paper 2 question 2?
I found this document with some 7 or 8 mark responses:

Here is the mark scheme for the paper:

The exam board want the following for this question:

Makes perceptive inferences from both texts
Selects judicious references/use of textual detail relevant to the focus of the question
Shows perceptive differences between texts

DO NOT waste time on this question analysing the methods used (ie metaphors) as this will not be marked. This question is quite challenging because it can sometimes feel like you are being too basic. Try to focus on each source equally and chooses short and precise quotes for each. This question focuses on inference! I would aim for 2 longer or 3 shorter paragraphs.

Good luck for Monday, let me know if you need any responses marking.

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