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How much can I improve a grade in 2 months?

I'm stuck at a grade 4 in english language as of now, but I'm at 7s and 8s in my other subjects. Our school requires us to get a 5 in eng lang to continue in our sixth form and I was wondering if anyone has any tips in improving in english language and what grade do you think I can achieve if I put an hour or 2 a day into it for 2 month?

I think the best thing that you can do is past questions again and again and again. Then give these questions to you teacher to mark and actually work on the parts that you got wrong. Another thing being that question 5 (if you do AQA) is the make or break factor to an exam for lang so practice those too.

I also know quite a few people who really found mr bruff's videos helpful so maybe you could try that out too.

Honestly my adivse is just practice at this point. Also if you are reading in general, try to annotate it in your head and look for lang features ect to get the hang of finding them in papers. With constant revision for this 2 months it is definatly posible for you to push your grade for a 4 to a 5.

I hope this helps :thumbsup:
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Youtube actually helped me quite a bit for English Language. I had issues with my teacher in English who absolutely did not believe in me, she told me i’d get a 4, i got a 6 in my mocks and then jumped to an 8 in my actual GCSEs, it really isn’t impossible to jump a grade in 2 months, just going to take some dedicated and strict revision schedules :smile:

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