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hi I have both biology and geography paper 2 GCSEs tomorrow and my anxiety is really playing up I feel awfully sick with nerves and have had panic attacks and ended up crying. It is also my aunties birthday who passed away in January this year. so needless to say I am a bit of a mess and was wondering if I can get any support from teachers or consideration when sitting the exams? sorry for asking
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Hi sweetheart, I just firstly want to say I’m so sorry for the loss of you auntie and I know what the feeling of exam stress is like so my heart goes out to you.
Special consideration is available if you just go to your head of year or whoever is available to speak to. The only thing about special consideration is that you have to explain your entire situation and then your school will send out a request for special consideration and it has to be approved by the exam board if your situation meets their requirements. I think if you really are struggling (which it seems like you are) it will be worth a shot however it’s not a very reliable thing😭

Also I just want to say to you , if you could try for the next couple of hours to try and get some last minute revision in it could really potentially help and giving it your best shot could be worth it.

If you need any help during this exam season please message me or reply to this thread againnnn. I’ll try my best to offer support .
Remember you got this and most of the time you are smarter than you think!✨

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