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Not perusing my dreams due to feeling not good enough

I had a lot of dreams and ambitions growing up and now there's very little left. My life experiences of major dreams not being fulfilled due to my academic performance not being good enough left me feeling so broken mentally that I'm too scared to peruse anything as I don't want to feel that again. As well as I don't think I can cope with another mental breakdown and the consequences of that. But at the same time I feel like I can't progress with my life and achieve anything because my fear of failure and because I feel like I'm not good enough so I may as well not try.
listen believe in yourself okay :smile: so if ur grades aren't good either revise and if u are the method u r using maybe isn't the best i find flashcards useful for history and eng lit quotes and if tht doesn't work ask a nice teacher u have but if u have dreams of perhaps becoming successful there are other options too even not academically my advice if the rest doesn't work out life isn't always about grades u can work for a couple years and get into property i.e buy cheap properties abroad and rent em out as holiday homes ur set 4 life

plz don't worry bout u got this i believe in u find something u love to do and plus talk to someone u trust good luck :smile:

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