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hey, so I have made the jump from criminology to law and am coming to the end of my LLM Legal Professional Practice and need to start using OSCOLA everything to this point has been exam based. I know how to reference an article under the ECHR thanks to the guides I have found where its something simple like:

"Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental
Freedoms (European Convention on Human Rights, as amended) (ECHR)
art 10"

my issue is how do I reference for example article 2 of the first protocol, none of the guides I have found tell me this is there an abbreviation for protocol and which order is it article or protocol first. I can't believe my life has come down to being so bothered about this...

please help also if you know of a system like Mendeley that includes OSCOLA please let me know, I'm working on getting end note but my uni is taking their sweet time

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