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Study tips for course with lots of trivia

Hello! I’m currently taking a world geography course in the summer, and I’m struggling a bit! The issue that I have is that the course has lots of little pieces of information that appear on the quizzes and tests that only appear for less than a sentence in the textbook.

Does anyone have tips on how to study for a course with lots of trivia and memorizing? Any methods, apps, advice, etc will be greatly appreciated!
Hi, I am in in Y12 taking a-level geography.
I took sociology at GCSE, a content heavy subject where I learned techniques for remembering lots of definitions, standard answers etc. I would recommend converting the textbook notes into your own, making flashcards from them (I prefer physical ones, but I believe Quizlet allows for digital ones) and then practicing speaking your notes out to yourself without looking (not as time consuming as writing them out again) and interleaving using flashcards on random topics.
Do not revise in the order of the textbook, do it in random orders to make sure your brain can handle those little bits of information that prop up randomly in exams.
The optimum amount of time for revising facts is half an hour, so revise for 30 mins, take a 5 minute break and repeat that a few times a day.
It is worth mentioning that everyone has different techniques that work for them, so experiment as this may not work for you.
Hope this helps and good luck!
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Thank you! I’m using a flash card app, but I’ll also try revising in random orders like you said! That might be why I’m missing those small facts

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