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A level english language

I have just finished my first year of sixth form and honestly I have struggled. One of the subject I take is A level English language. I've worked incredibly hard to achieve a good grade but for some reason my grade just isn't going up. I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips or advice on how to improve my English language grades. Thanks.
I do english language and literature so it may be a bit different but it is important to incorporate as many language levels and terminology as possible. Paragraphs shouldn't have a set structure but the essay it's self must have structure and be clearly thought out so planning is important. Terminology effects must be explained as the word alone won't get the mark, the effect it has will. Try and include context where possible. If your studying an anthology eg the Paris anthology try and include GRAMPS.
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Also, it may seem obvious and over said but reading helps and will aid your creative writing skills.

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