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i have a cold war, history, edexcel exam tomorow
as well as english language paper 1 edexcel
i have not revised for these yet
i dont understand cold war at all and i have forgotten evrything
im also very bad at creative writing
despite this i am doing my best because i want to go to a grammar sixth form and my school said they predict our grades from these year 10 mocks-i am good at rest of subjects just not english and history
any tips to get the best grade
im probably going to be awake till 1 just doing seneca, is there anything more effetive ??
pls help
with english language i also wasn't the best at creative writing but I looked at the mark scheme on how to get top marks.

Use different sentence structures, big words, a variety of punctuation, know what layout they're asking for (for example an article or newspaper etc.) and write accordingly. Wishing you the best
i think i did alright on english language
i know i failed cold war though. what the hell were those questions i only answered 1 out of the 4 questions so maximum marks i can get is 8/32
like i dont even know what the truman doctrine is its so bad and i dont know how to revise
Someone tell me how to understand revise and remember cold war for year 11 pleasee

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