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Political Literacy Project + Form

Hi guys, I'm doing a campaign project thing now my GCSEs are over, it would be great if anyone here could fill in this survey as part of my project! Please pm me if you have any questions or additions or advice as I am mostly making this up as I go along - and reply if you know a more relevant place to post this. I'm aiming this at KS4 and KS5, but any other responses are welcome and you don't have to be in the UK also.

My aim with the project long term is basically to improve the political literacy and education as far as way of teaching and curriculum, so that young people have the tools to make more of a difference in the world politically.

Here is the link to the google form:
I filled the survey :smile: good luck!
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Original post by hanisingha
I filled the survey :smile: good luck!

Thank you!

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