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The Education system more like the biggest scam

Ive never really understood the big push on education and the mindset that most people have which is education Is everything.I used to go to a private school up to sixth form and then in sixth form I went to a normal Sixth form. In this new public sixth form everyone seemed to see education as their ticket to freedom whilst in my private school everyone sort of seemed to understand that education will never really make u rich unless you base a business of it. One key thing I realised is that at my sixth form most people have no entrepreneurial mindset and are so fixated on grades which is actually a shame giving that some of these people are literally some of the brightest people you will meet. They seem to have this understanding that they’ll go to uni get a job and life will all be good. Then when I tell them about the realities of life and how you’ll probably end up earning a maximum of 150K a year which isn’t much after tax( only like 7.5K a month), and the likelihood of that is very small so you will probably get a job paying like 65K which is probably like 3.5K a month. On 3.5K a month nowadays you have to buy a house which in London now your monthly payments for a rubbish house will be over 2.5K then you have 1K to live off and pay bills which really is not a lot.

I understand that I say this from a privileged position in that I don’t actually have to work and working for me would effectively be pocket money that I can spend on whatever. Then most of these individuals go to universities to do degrees like PPE and psychology which is basically wasting all their potential as they will realistically not be going into well paid professions and so at the end of all of that struggle and hassle of getting the top grades they will not be rewarded. In fact a child who probably just about passed GCSEs and did an accounting qualification will probably be earning more than them . When I tell them this they seem so shocked and begin to question their decisions. But surely this is common sense and understanding that when you get older you will have to pay bills and you should have some sort of financial literacy. I was wondering if any of you guys who go to public school have lessons on financial literacy?

At private school we never had lessons on it but everyone seemed to understand the nature of finances.

I would also like to put this up to encourage people to go into entrepreneurship even if it is a alongside a job because growing up now is harder than ever and your expenses will be sky high so don’t be shocked when your older.

I understand that I say this from a privileged position in that I don’t actually have to work but my point still stands.

I feel like this is why so many working class individuals stay poor as they are lied to their whole lives by the education system when in reality they will never be free whilst having a low paying job.Then most of these people get uni loans to cover costs and will end up paying back like 3 times more in the long run, all for a 60K job.

Any thoughts?
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Yes I agree - Labour have over decades destroyed a very good and free state education system twice over and now have the audacity to complain that private education is the cause of all social ills. Anyone with 'loads of money' or the 'filthy rich' is to be despised. Yet the very same architects of the 'curriculum for excellence' are the filthy rich and the political elite who have encourage young people to get into debt.

If ever there was a misnomer - the 'curriculum for excellence' has focussed on 'social cohesion' and fluffy social personal political education rather than facts. Children are indoctrinated to be outraged if someone should use the wrong phrase or speak the truth yet still leave school not being able to add up or subtract or to be able to give the right change from a note at the till if the computer doesn't tell them. So much for entry grades to University that have to be lowered to allow badly taught pupils from state schools access to better Universities. Grade inflation and grade manipulation are a sign of a failing education system and the start of a corrupt system.

By ensuring everyone has to have a degree (and to now be saddled with huge debt) even to be considered for low paid manual labour jobs they have destroyed opportunities for so many. It has forced the 'next levels' all to have Masters just to 'stand out' but entails more debt.

If primary school children were mandated to memory learn numbers, mental maths, spell, write, touch type and speak English well, we would not need to babysit 16 to 18 year olds to have 'maths' lessons. Keeping young people in education is a convenient way to massage the true 'out of work' numbers for jobs that don't exist and aren't worth getting out of bed for because welfare payments are better than wages.

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