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Famous Hungarians

Without looking up, name one
Viktor Orban is the only one I know
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Charles Simonyi, inventer of Word and Excel . . ..without him office life would not be as we used to know it.
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Franz Liszt, composer and pianist

Ferenc Puskas, footballer
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the Very Hungary Caterpillar
George Soros - the man who allegedly broke the Bank of England.
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Dom Szoboszlai
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Paul Erdos, the great mathematician.
Bela Lugosi- actor, the original Dracula
Arthur Koestler- author
Ervin Laszlo- Nobel prize nominated scientist & philosopher
Jay Lumen- DJ & music producer
Vlad the Impaler
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Frank Ferudi - Sociologist & Writer

Lazlo Biro - Inventor of the ball point pen
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Mr Rubik of the cube fame, and more importantly Tommy Ramone .. hey ho, lets go

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Vlad the Impaler

Who is that?

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