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Do student vets/vet nurses have to have the rabies vaccine?

I have been looking at the vaccinations recommended for student vets/vet nurses and haven’t been able to find out any information about the rabies vaccine. I’m concerned about the heightened risk of rabies that comes with working with animals, even if it is still minimal risk. Is it advisable for students to have it or is it not necessary?
If you would feel safer with it, by all means arrange to get it, although you may have to pay. I'm not sure whether it is recommended (don't think so), as we don't have rabies in UK the risk is seriously low, unless you anticipate working with bats (or outside UK obviously) and even then it's very rare. Personally I haven't had it and don't think I know many who have.
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In the UK, it's believed the only way to get rabies is from a bat bite/scratch. The rabies vaccine is therefore non-essential for veterinary surgeons in the UK and therefore if you want it you need to pay (£60 I think).

As a vet student, if you want to do any spay/neuter clinics abroad or EMS abroad, then you would need to get the rabies vaccine. Same with if you want to practice abroad as a qualified vet.

Hope this helps. Rabies is a concerning disease but try not to let it worry you too much in the UK. :smile:
You do not need the rabies vaccine as a student. It may be recommended if you are going abroad or working with bags. You have you pay and it is 3 jabs in a month and costs between £120-180 in total I believe

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