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Am I choosing the right subjects for Law?

I am looking to study Law at university, I start S6 in August.
In my national 5's I took English, maths, application of maths, business, pe, chemistry and biology where I achieved AAAAAAB and in S5 I took English, maths, business, chemistry and modern studies all at higher and I was predicted AAAAB but I am pretty confident to achieve AAAAA. I have moved from public to private school for my final year where I plan to take 3 advanced higher of English, business and modern studies (the modern studies course is a specific focus on crime and the law). As well as this my new school offer a range of volunteer-work programs and extra credit opportunities such as dofe etc which I plan to take advantage of. In my previous high school I played an active role in the student council for 2 years.

I am asking those who are studying law currently/or just applied, do these subjects/extra curriculars stand me in good stead to apply to Scottish universities? My first choice is Edinburgh Uni but would second to that be happy with Glasgow, however I will be applying to as many Scottish unis as I can for LLB Law.
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Short answer your defo a great candidate for law, beware glasgow requires the Lnat but I am sure you know that.

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