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A level, is this short English literature writing good?

Hello everyone,

After gap year, I lost all my skills. I am an international student and quite frankly, this module was not really supportive at all. I wrote a short snippet, not a complete essay, to practice my structure.
Is this good? please let me know. It's practice for unseen poetry.

In Sonnet 43, Elizabeth Barret Browning sets the tone of reinforcing and declaring her love towards her lover. This can be seen through the repition of the phrase "I love thee", which occurs eight times throughout this sonnet. The usage of repetition may occur as a response to the first line, "How do I love thee?", which suggests that this is a monologue, casting the attention of her lover continuously to the answers the poet provides. The effect this may elucidate the idea that the poet is unable to form a complete line of thought without the intrusion of her lover. This effect may be created to connotate the cyclical and obsessive influence love has had on her. Due to this being a monologue, the partner of the poet is not responsive, creating an idea that the poet may be conversing with her herself. The effect this might suggest is one of an inescapable emotional state, whereby the repetitions are seen as an act of affirmation to the poet regarding her emotions.
Further, the poet dictates the chaotic and freely moving essence of her love. This is seen through the enjambent used throughout the poem, in which the irregularity of the punctuations causes for the reader to pause and continue according to the whimsical emotions of the poet. The effect this create would allow for the audience to gain an insight into the love the poet has towards her over, as the poet may suggest the capacity of her emotions has taken over her ability to logically punctuate during most of the poem, creating an ebb or flow and a irregular beating pattern of the heart. This may create an effect which implies the entirety of the poet's being has been influenced by her love.

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