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Which phone should I buy?

I want to change from my IPhone 12 to android, the options I am considering are Samsung A or S series or Oneplus Nord series. I read their reviews and I found them to be good but still not sure.

Kindly help me chose one.
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I made the move five years back from iPhone to Android

To be totally honest the apple i-phone is superior in every way, no getting away from that in my opinion however, from a return on investment perspective you just cant beat Android. I initially switched to Samsung Galaxy A on a sim only contract.

A friend of mine had done the same as she was sick of Apple contracts and how expensive they were and had been previously chasing the new versions. There are some minor user differences, when you get a call you have to drag the call icon to answer it, the apple one you just press the button things like that but once you adjust its plain sailing.

I recently updated that phone about four months ago as the battery was going on it and brought the newer version the Galaxy A14 5G for £129 and i have to say its pretty good. Certainly does everything i need it to do and i would recommend it.

The way i see it, i remember paying £109 for my first Samsung galaxy, lasted me nearly five years when the battery started playing up and so i had five years phone use at circa £21 a year, less than £2 a month, i mean it doesn't get better than that does it really unless you get a secondhand one on ebay.

You can add a sim only deal now with vodaphone for £5 pcm or o2 for £6 pcm so its as cheap as chips and you get a brilliant phone. A comparative apple phone I was being quoted £41 a month ongoing. Appreciate there are deals out there but pound for pound the Galaxy Android phone wins hands down in my book.

No experience of the Nord phone but reviews do look amazing. If you can push the boat out on the upfront costs for the phone then it looks like a good deal but that being said, for a good solid workhorse that delivers all the main functionality, solid battery life and never lets you down, as i say, i cant fault the A14

Good luck
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Samsung is superior in every way to apple. I don't know anything about technology but in terms of functionality, androids are a lot smoother and easy for the user imo. I have no experience with the nord phones but I'd get something more 'mainstream' so you have an easier time with things like repairs and getting phone cases- but, I imagine overall it probably doesn't matter much between your two choices.

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