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17 year old not allowed a phone

I'm 17 and my parents have had this really firm take on my upbringing that they continue to do now, my parents still take away my phone the minute I come back from school and don't allow me to use it during the weekends. They believe that the sole purpose of the phone is for me to call and tell them where I am, telling me that I should focus on revising but they already know as of my recent exams that I do well academically. They see it as a form of discipline, which I just think is unnecessary, they used to do this to my brother but they stopped when he was in Year 13, but when I confronted them about this CALMLY just now he shouted at me and told me "I will never see it again" and "he knows what to do to stubborn people like me" and "just shut your mouth" . I'm literally going to be 18 in January, I'm crying and I don't know what to do anymore none of my friends know because it's so embarrassing. I just need advice or something even if it's only a few words it'd be so appreciated. Also, I want to get a job and buy my own phone but the minute he sees it he's gonna shout at me and confiscate it.

(I can't wait to move out next year and to go to a uni far from home and finally start to actually live like everyone else)
Keep your head down and start making plans as to how you can makie your move out permanent.

(@londonmyst frequently has good advice regarding overbearing parents.)

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