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Tower college for further and higher education London limited

My name is Anatoli - 1 of January l Went to Tower college of Futher and higher education London limited to do course for level 3 diploma of business. Since 1 of January I didn't hear nothing from my school apart of emails of my tutor who let my know on some dates course classes it's cancelled.Like that till COVID come.After that I'm not get noting like online learning or something like that from the college.Was no attending to any of physical or online lessons because non of them.But for my surprise the college was reported to the student finance like was attending to course classes,which not true at all.This in my opinion to get full payment from student finance.the funny it's one of the date for my attendance 6/05/2020 .End of march l was send in furlough from my work and after that everything was in lockdown. Today it's stil got noting back from my college.Send companies emails many times without any answer.In my eyes the college on purpose reported that to students finance so they can still pay full course fees to them. because if they reported I skip or not attend to class student finance will stop paying to them.l never was attending in any form physical, online or som like that because there it's not course to attend .ESFA ,OIA AND STUDENT FINANCE DO NOTHING to help in this situation.What can do ,if someone was in the same situation like me . Thanks

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