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GCSE grade review

I did the international Cambridge paper for GCSE so received my result earlier for English Literature. My grade was 2 marks away from a grade 7. I was predicted an 8, especially as I consistently performed very well in my class assessments, end of year and mock exams. I achieved a grade 8 in my mock exam.

Surprisingly, I got a 6 in my GCSE exam. Having looked at the break down of my grades, it appears that I scored a grade 5 in one of the components (poetry & prose, component 12).

Overall, I missed a grade 7 by 2 marks (my combined marks of comp. 12, 32 & 42 = 57 marks). 59 is a grade 7.

What was interesting that for the unseen poetry, component 42, I achieved a grade 8, so there is a 3-grade discrepancy between component 12 (poetry & prose) and component 42 (unseen poetry) both papers I believe would have required similar skill sets.

Is it better to just have one paper (component 12) reviewed or do all three in one go, bearing in mind the marks between the grade boundaries are very minimal?

I am aware grades can go up or down. If I lose 5 marks in the entirety, then my grade will go down. If my grades go up by two marks even in one component, then my overall grade will go up. Mathematically, it is more possible to go two marks up across the three components (three papers) than one. My issue is with the grade 5 in component 12.

Any advice or insight would be appreciated.

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