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Personal statement Super-curricular activities

am currently in the process of appliyng to university for economics and writing my personal statement, and I need some sort of Super-curricular activity. I was thinking of doing an online course on Coursera or Edx. Has anyone done one of these courses before and was it worth the time?
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i did an online course on particle physics, but i barely mention it in my personal statement (its not finished yet) i mainly played on a research paper that i wrote and had published. But if you wanna play heavily on that go for it, milk it for everything its worth. put it this way it cant hurt you so i say go for it. Even talk about a book you've read, or the works of someone you admire in the field and how they've impacted your views and why. but remember to also spend a little para on extra curriculars not related to your subject. You want to show yeah you know your stuff but you're also well rounded. I talked about about a non-profit for lgbtq ppl i set up and run.
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Good list of extra reading etc from Cambridge - good for all Unis -
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I did something similar but for engineering. It was a short online course on 'Sustainability in our Transport Systems', and I used that to conclude my personal statement by relating it to the future path I want my career to take. As long as you can use it to introduce or boost a part of your personal statement, I would say that it's worth the time. Talk a little about what it taught you or what it influenced you to read about.
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And a good guide from one of the Oxford colleges about how to incorporate this stuff into your PS -

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