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Finance personal statement

Only after the summer did I fully decide on studying finance and statistics at university, when I had kept my options open to careers more based in STEM and engineering previously - which is evident with how I chose IB higher level maths AA, chemistry and physics.

Essentially, my subject choices don’t align well, I have super-curricular activities about general maths that don’t lend themselves to finance specifically and my knowledge of finance is significantly more precarious than actual finance students. So:

1. What books/YouTubers/podcasts/webinars/other super-curricular activities on global finance should I study to write about in my personal statement?

2. What sources can I use just to improve my basic knowledge?

3. Should I look for work experience? How significant is work experience for finance personal statements?

I still want to use my previous super-curriculars somehow, but using them just to express a vague interest in maths seems so forced. For example, I attended a Cambridge maths masterclass that involved half fluid dynamics and half sequences, theorems and conjectures.

4. How can I relate vague maths super-curricular activities to finance in my personal statement?

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