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facial dysmorphia

I am undiagnosed but believe I have serious facial dysmorphia, as I have every single symptom but amplified x10.

I look different in every mirror, in some I look good but in others I look so bad its unbelievable. Same with cameras, if I take pics of myself I look good (sometimes) but I just refuse to look at pictures people take of me anymore, as it intensifies all of my insecurities a hundred times more and I end up in tears, I just look like a COMPLETELY different person.

This isn't me whinging either, like this has turned me into a shell of a human being. I panic when I have to go out, when I have to go to school, when I have to see family etc. and every time someone asks to hang out I say no because I don't want people to look at me.

Like I mentioned, I seem to look so good in some mirrors and when I take pics of myself which I just don't understand how I end up looking the exact opposite when someone takes a picture of me.

I can't even convey how it makes me feel, because I can't even find the words its THAT bad.

Can anyone relate?

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