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Hull Uni as an PostGrad

I am an American who has a Bachelor's degree from the US and a first masters from a UK uni.

I graduated from my masters ~Spring 2020 and returned to the US during the pandemic. I now want to come back to the UK for a MSc in AI (in part due to the 2 year student visa offer post graduation).

I am interested in Hull University for 4 main reasons:
-January 2024 intake so I can start my course ASAP.
-The AI masters is a conversion course which doesn't require a Computer Science Bachelor's degree (I have experience working in an AI startup in product management and basic mediocre python knowledge BUT I am not a software engineer/coder. I also haven't yet studied Linear Algebra/Discrete Math)
-I only need to be on campus for 1 day of in-person instruction from 9 AM to 6 PM and the rest can be remote
-The tuition prices are 50% what it costs many London unis and the rent is cheaper too

1) Is it worth going to Hull University? What is the reputation of Hull within the UK? Esp for postgrads? Does it have a mid reputation within London tech companies?

2) If I go to Hull should I live in the dorms OR should I commute from Leeds or London (since I only need to be on campus 1 day a week). The Train from Leeds is 90 minutes and from London is 2.5-3 hours from St Pancras. Am I insane for thinking this? I'm late 20s and might be older than many of the students

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