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5 careers for Biomedical Science graduates

A degree in biomedical science is versatile and can help you work in a range of different fields. Here are some of the careers you could find yourself working in. You may require further study and work experience for some of these roles.

Study microorganisms to understand how they affect our lives.

A microbiologist's work may relate to health, the environment, climate, food and agriculture. They are crucial to our understanding of disease, climate change and food safety. Some potential employers include:

▪️ the NHS
▪️ UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA)
▪️ universities and research institutes
▪️ private companies
▪️ the civil service

A biomedical science degree provides a solid start on this career path. Further postgraduate study may be needed to progress to more senior roles.

Make a major contribution to public safety.

Toxicologists work with materials, chemicals, medicines and natural substances. They look at the impact of substances on the environment and on public health. There are many areas of toxicology, including:

▪️ academic
▪️ clinical
▪️ forensic
▪️ industrial
▪️ pharmaceutical

Biomedical science can provide a basis before you specialise in toxicology.

Work with patients and research teams in reproductive services.

Scientists working in embryology are involved in fertility treatment and reproductive research. Embryology brings science, medicine and technology together to positively impact lives. This rewarding role could involve:

▪️ creating new life with families through in vitro fertilisation (IVF)
▪️ working in labs or hospitals with research teams
▪️ using your knowledge of science, attention to detail and people skills to bring about real-world change

This career offers opportunities to use your scientific knowledge to make a real difference to families struggling with infertility.

Veterinary laboratory technician
Contribute to the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of animals.

As a veterinary laboratory technician, you'll play a vital role in the delivery of animals' test results. You could work in the private sector for:

▪️ research institutes
▪️ teaching hospitals
▪️ universities
▪️ veterinary and medical colleges

This can be a rewarding career that requires a high level of lab competency and an eye for detail.

Medical Sales Representative
Promote and sell medical products to healthcare professionals.

As a 'rep', you'll sell medicines and medical equipment to:

▪️ GP's
▪️ hospital doctors
▪️ pharmacists
▪️ nurses

You'll usually work in a specific geographical location and with one or more products.

Sales roles can offer variety. You'll need to meet targets and may have to give presentations and organise events. You'll also need to build working relationships, use data, and travel to meet clients.

Rewards include high earning potential and professional development training.

Which role interests you the most? :smile:
I think I'd be rubbish at *all* of these :hide:

The one that interests me most though is toxicology :smile:

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