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Are my chances of getting into oxbridge, imperial etc. ruined

ended up being sick throughout many of my gcses, vomitting during my literature exam, scored far below predictions, i got

if even i were to achieve/have predicted A*A*A or A*A*A* (chem,bio,lit) have my gcses destroyed my chances of oxbridge/imperial etc.

would any retakes be worth it?
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No, not at all - for unis like oxbridge, imperial etc. having mostly A*s is seen as really good, but not essential, when it comes down to gcse grades they will pick people such as yourself who have attained some Bs and A*s instead of those that have achieved 4s,3s and 5s for example.
Also, depending on your sixth form, you should be fine with taking chemistry to a level even though you have a grade 6! And your a levels are far important than gcses in terms of your offers for unis. so no these grades haven't destroyed your chances of reaching the top unis. just make sure to look at each university's requirement for gcses though, as some such as birmingham uni require a grade 7 in maths for certain courses so be careful!
besides, your grades aren't THAT bad - you only got Bs and As - could have been much much worse!! oh and also do NOT bother with any retakes - i believe (and u should too) that your gcses are EXCELLENT :smile:))

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