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Need help on choosing a levels for vet med

Hi there,
I have just received my results and they were pretty good 7s and 8s , and will be starting sixth form in September, I chose biology and chemistry to study so far, and wanted to do sociology but it clashed with biology lessons on timetable. So now I am contemplating whether to study psychology or criminology.
I am leaning more towards criminology but my only concern is that Criminology is a WJEC Level 3 diploma and has some coursework as well as exam, but its said to be marked A - E grading system like A levels.

I know lots of unis say you have to study 3 A levels ,so does criminology count or not. And has there been someone who has chosen Bio, chem and crimonolgy and got a place in vet school.Thanks
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Look at the entry requirements of the places you will apply to. The RVC allows any subject at A level but is a bit vague on L3 single module diplomas.

Good luck!
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Be very careful with Criminology - it isnt an A level, its a daft WJEC 'Diploma' and what ever your school tries to tell you, it doesnt have the same academic clout as an A level. Do Psychology.

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