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Is taking Further Maths as a third A-level looked down upon?

I note how the Further Maths A level is often taken as a fourth a-level, always with Maths of course. But if you take only three, is that looked down on? Most unis seem to say that the number of A levels you take is irrelevant, but I don't really know if this would apply to such similar subjects?

Thank you!
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I don’t think it would be “looked down on” necessarily, I’d just be worried that it doesn’t leave much room for other subjects. I’m assuming currently you’re planning to do maths centric studies at uni too, but is there a chance you’d change your mind? What would your third subject be? What would you do if it’s too hard for you as I have friends who dropped further maths and just regular maths? If you’re absolutely set on maths then go for it, it just doesn’t leave you much room if you change your mind I guess.
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no, maths and fm is fine and common as part of only 3 A levels
Thank you very much, to both :smile:. To the first, I would definitely be looking at Maths based studies as I have a very firm love of it haha. I'd probably do a science (most likely Biology) as a third A-level, as I'm also interested in that route. I may also consider an AS-level to expand my studies a bit more, so thanks!

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