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Drop a subject? keep all 4? what do i do???

For context, I take four a levels: Sociology, Psychology, History and Literature.
The grades I got were (from what I heard)
Psychology: C, C = C
History: B, B = B
Literature: A, C = B
Sociology: A, U = B
My teachers told me that i should drop psychology and resit Sociology to get an A to help with my grades. They said I probably wouldn't be able to keep up with the coursework. But I love psychology. I really do. I don't care about my grades I'm fine as long as a pass, I was honestly expecting to do way worse in History. On the other hand, I would've rather dropped history. Don't get me wrong, I love history and enjoy the classes but my classmates there make me feel miserable sometimes and I sometimes wish I'd gotten a C in history instead of Psychology.
I wanted to keep all 4 because it seemed better this way. I'd get to keep on studying the subjects I like. But it's not logical, is it? I've already got sociology i don't really need psychology. I'm not even gonna study it in university anyways, so what's the point?
What do I do? I've already got my name on the resit for psychology instead of sociology and I'm still adamant about keeping all 4 subjects.
Do you think I'm setting myself up for failure?
you can always get at me for study tips and past papers to have you scoring good grades. feel free to reach at me
What are your plans post A-level?

If it is Uni most only require 3 A-levels so 3 good ones would be better than 4 not so good.

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