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dream college vs application test

hey everyone, I'm applying to HSPS at Cambridge for 2024 entry. I visited King's college (I didn't go to the full open day) and I didn't 100% get the feeling of "this is the perfect place for me" but I definitely liked it and I wanted to apply. It's big, central, has the best choir and a "unconventional" vibe, which I liked. However, since deciding on it, I've gotten a bit apprehensive about the fact that it has an admissions assessment. Ive been predicted well and ive got a good PS, I feel like i could give a decent interview but the concept of doing a random essay i havent learned any infoemation for and i couldnt necessarily structre a good argument for on the spot freaks me out. I'm pretty capable, but it's not a confident "I will do well in this" kind of thing. Not every college asks for one so its definietly avoidable by applying at a different one, and I definitely want to do HSPS at any college > politics at another uni, but I do really like King's! also, because HSPS is already crazy competitive already, it's a bit scary - i dont particularly know if i want to apply to another competitive central college just to be pooled. Also, I've heard some colleges do in-interview essay questions as well (which is worse!) Is it worth still applying there?

TL;DR: I want to apply to King's College Cambridge for HSPS but I don't want to do its admissions test. Is it worth applying to another college just because of that?
The thinking is “if you are good enough to study the subject at Cambridge you should be good enough to write an essay on the subject”

Cambridge isn’t an easy option and they expect you to have read beyond A level. If that’s not you, do you think you will do well and thrive there? If that is you, why are you anxious about writing an essay for the subject you love?
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Same issue! Not King’s but Newnham. I have done a couple sample assessment tests and did well in the Q&A bit but of course the essay I can’t tell, but I’m good at writing essays and the sample questions seemed fine - there’s a choice (I believe) so sure to be one you could get behind. I do wonder why some require it some don’t - it doesn’t seem to be because they get more applicants for the spaces they have.
Kings, Trinity, Selwyn and Pembroke and a couple others interviewing face to face this year, all others online - I’d prefer face to face myself, but that might be another consideration.
Each element is just one part of the process so do well at other parts and it won’t weigh as heavily.

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