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should I feel guilty?

I found this really nice expensive jacket, that I really really like.

I can afford it, but I just feel really guilty in buying something expensive.

This jacket is just under £100, so it's expensive for me

should I feel guilty?
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Not at all. If you don't spend a ton often, what's the harm in treating yourself?
Hey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting wonderful things for yourself. By acknowledging what you want is a good first step, and you CAN get that jacket as much as you want, you just have to decide the gradual steps needed to get there.There is nothing guilty about thinking about and desiring something. Your thoughts are a beautiful process, don't limit yourself by thinking it to be unattainable , think it to be yours and you will be able to receive it, do that and do what you can to get that jacket, this is not about prioritizing material items, this is about prioritizing yourself. Self love is not guilty, it is tranquility.

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