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I feel guilty, any advice?

I've been feeling awkward around my colleague. I didn't say hello to them as they sat next to me while we worked. They too didn't even say hello to me either.

We just avoided each other.

I feel guilty like I did something wrong because my colleague just left the area we were working, and decided to work somewhere else. They moved away from me.

I'm worried that they might've thought I was being rude for not acknowledging them.

I have a crush on them, but somehow we just don't click professionally or even as friends. We are just so awkward around each other.

They're really kind and friendly

I should've said hello

any thoughts?

I feel guilty, any advice?
They didn't say hello either, its a 50/50 problem. Just say hi to them tomorrow instead
If you have a crush on them, I'm guessing you're a bit nervous to say stuff to them sometimes and this might be why you're struggling to say hello and bond with them? I'm in a similar situation with my crush and when I see them I want to talk to them but then words sometimes struggle to come out because I'm nervous. But if you want to develop your relationship with them you should try your best to start the conversation and talk to them and then you won't feel so awkward around each other. If they're friendly and kind like you say they shouldn't mind and they might be glad that you've shown an interest in talking to them. If you don't say hello and they don't either then nobody is at fault, but it takes somebody to move the relationship forwards.

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