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Any colleges accepting mid-year applications?

I am currently attending a sixth form and am finding it dreadful. It is attached to a school and it just feels far too.. school-like. I already attended a year at college and am now starting a new sixth form and wish I never left, but my old college won't accept me back so I'd either have to somehow restart my first year at that awful college or find a new one. Are there any sixth form colleges that accept mid-year applications near the London/Essex area? Any colleges that cater towards a levels? I cannot stand traditional sixth forms, and am trying to find an alternative.
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You can only have been there a couple of days - that isn't 'mid year'. What made you leave the college?
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Still counts as a mid year application. Also the teachers at my old college were awful and my medical issues were ignored.
It is the first week of term - colleges may not even have started yet. I think you just need to ring around. There is always a certain amount of flex in the first week or 2 as students change their minds or simply don't turn up to one of the multiple places they accepted

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