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Depressed over the uni I ended up in

This'll come off ridiculous but it's been playing on my mind for the entire first year so far. I ended up at KCL for Law. I was quite content with this, in fact over joyous with the fact that I ended up here. Thing is I had hoped to get into UCL, especially with my grades and the fact that I had a 30+ LNAT score when I did it in the last admissions cycle. I was rejected by Oxford owing to interview but I had intended to stay in London anyway. What really bugs me about the Oxford rejection is not Oxford itself but the fact I was pretty much pressured, forced even into applying for Oxford, having to replace my option of LSE, which I believe I could have gotten into. I was also silly in picking Bristol and Queen Mary as two options when I would never have wished to gone there (I don't want to leave London and QM is not ideal). With the UCL rejection, I thought my essay was good, and even if it wasn't my mid 30s MCQ score should've offset that fact, but no. UCL ended up being in clearing too this year for Law which I found out days later. It bugs me to no end this fact.

I really wish I applied LSE - or had known of UCL going into clearing. KCL is constantly and I mean constantly clowned on and looked down upon by student forums. It's not seen as being on the same level as it was once was, it's slid down to the mid 20s in national rankings over the years and has gone down in international rankings (which mean crap-all anyway). When people search up uni guides or tables, they see KCL at a mediocre 24. With my grades and whatnot I wish I got into LSE or UCL. That would have been ideal.

However, I am applying again this year and desperately hoping for an offer from either. However, my LNAT score is nowhere as good as last year owing to lack of practice and other things. It really sucks. I think being at uni already will have LSE and UCL prejudice against me too as an applicant for being a flakey student, and probably reasonably so. If I do get an offer, it'll probably be contingent on first year grades which are not going well at all right now owing to mental health and other things. It sucks so much. I have a lot of regret right now.

I understand this'll come off as probably quite snobby and obsessed but it really really bothers me especially when almost everyone I know at my college ended up somewhere better, despite having an equal or slightly worse grade profile.
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You are right about this coming off as snobish. You haven't given any other reason to not enjoying the uni other than the ranking and what people say on internet forums? I mean, it's not like you're studying at London Met or something, King College London is still an incredibly well regarded university and within the Russell research group. You need to have better reasons for wanting to switch courses than feeling like the university is beneath you and your friends studying at higher ranked. Obviously its all your choice but the way you're feeling is accredited more to a lack of maturity than anything else in my opinion.
Stick with KCL and do a Masters at the minor your choicr
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Hey, I just saw this. I'm at KCL for law, too. And I also got mid thirties MCQ. I know a few people who have reapplied or considered doing so. If you want someone to talk to, even anonymously, let me know; I can empathise a bit with how you're feeling.

At the end of the day, if you're really unhappy, hope you get accepted elsewhere and go there. Just, if you do want to talk to someone who doesn't know who you are - albeit that we've probably met (I'm in first year, too), feel free to do so.

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