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Hi, Im applying for a BA/Bsc in geography, which will include both compulsory physical ad human components. My current personal statement is very human/ geography based, so would I need to include some physical geog in it? Or would I be okay just having human geog even though my course is equally human and physical geog? I am also applying for just human geog at my 4 other choices, so I'm not too sure what to do lol.
Hi there,

It might be worth while mentioning a little about physical geography - but only if you have something important to say about it. Has there been an element of this that you have studied at school that has really interested you?

It is good to bear in mind that your personal statement will be going out to all of your university choices, so although it should by no means be generic, you also want to ensure that each university will see that you have an understanding and passion for the subject and the modules they teach.

I would recommend speaking with your Geography teacher about this, they might be able to shed some important light on it.

I hope this helps :smile:
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Is there something here about the interface between physical and human? Esp in the current climate - all puns intended.

Is the half phys half human modular or definitive ?

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