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Personal Statement Guidance Hub 2024 Entry

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Welcome to TSR’s Personal Statement Guidance Hub for 2024 entry.

This guide will be split into easy-to-understand sections, designed to provide you with the key information you need to prepare a successful personal statement for your university application.

This guide is created for personal statement support and guidance for university applications only and not for applying to sixth form, college (for FE education), or jobs.


Personal statements are a crucial part of the UK higher education application process. They are designed to give you a chance to shine and showcase your unique qualities, aspirations, and personal and academic experience and pursuits and show that university or higher education institution why you are a strong candidate to study your desired subject with them.

And for many, this might be the first time you are having to write an extended piece of text about yourself and your subject of interest, all whilst considering things like character limits and how to make your application stand out. So, below you will find some of our key tips and guidance to help you prepare to write your personal statement and make your application to university. Good luck!

What is a personal statement?

How to prepare to write your personal statement

What should a personal statement include?

How should I structure my personal statement?

Check out our How to Write an Excellent Personal Statement in 10 Steps article for a more in-depth look at how to structure your writing. :h:

What are the official guidelines for a personal statement?

What are the personal statement ‘do’s’?

What are the personal statement ‘don’ts’?


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Remember, your personal statement is just one part of your application journey but it is a chance for you to showcase your unique qualities and enthusiasm to study your chosen subject in your own words. Use this opportunity wisely, be authentic and seek feedback as much as you can to allow you to put your best foot forward as you embark on this exciting new journey!
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A University of Chester student ambassador has written a blog sharing their top tips on personal statement writing. Take a look here -

Feel free to ask us any personal statement related questions!

The University of Chester team
Hi All!

Personal statements are an important and fun way to tell the institutions you're applying to how you are suitable to study their course(s). I've listed some quick tips below but encourage applicants to engage with other materials to get a wide range of advice:

Try not to info dump - it's great to see applicants who are enthusiastic about the subject/course, however try not reel off facts/information about the subject that eats up your character count. Make sure it is relevant to the point your making, studies and experiences.

If you have a career already in mind, how will the course help you get there?

Read, re-read, re-re-read - when we spend a lot of time on something it's easy to miss spelling or punctuation mistakes. Have someone else read it over for you!

There are tons of resources and support relating to personal statements out there, including directly from UCAS which you can find here: UCAS - How to write your personal statement

London South Bank University are currently running Personal Statement Webinars where you can get guidance and advice on how to write and structure your personal statement, bookings can be made here.

All the best
London South Bank University

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